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Cardiac Surgeons:

          Jobs in the UK:   Cardiothoracic Surgery Jobs in the BMJ                     Wales    

          Cardiac Surgery Results:  United Kingdom                     Medline Search:  Pubmed

          FRCS CTh:  Intercollegiate Specialty Board                     Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme:ISCP


Courses, confrences &  Websites:

The  European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery:         EACTS            

Society for Cardiothoracic Surgeons in Great Britan and Irland:            SCTS            

Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Net:      CTS.net website                                     The Royal Society of Medicine:                          RSM 

The British Thoracic Society:                             BTS                                       Libyan Cardiac Society:                                      LCS

American Association for Thoracic Surgery:  AATS                                     The Society of Thoracic Surgeons:                  STS

Cardiff University (Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education)             PMDE 

Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board         PMETB


Calculations & Investigations:

Risk Prediction following cardiac surgery:    EuroSCORE

            Body Mass Index:  BMI                      Body Surface Area:  BSA                   Creatinine Clearance Calculation: CCC            

Glomerular Filtration Rate:  GFR               Labtest online:  Labtestonline


Companies directory:


              ATS                          Baxter                          Cardio Logic                      Corevalve                                Datascope  


             Dispocare                        Edwards Lifesciences                                Eschmann                                  Ethicon                


                      KCI                                         Medtronic                       Rocket medical                                    Sorin


                  St Jude